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Who is behind RTP?

RTP was created by John and Johanna (Neilson) Boynton to help make the rebirth of Main Street in NEH a reality.  Johanna’s family has been coming to NEH in the summer for several generations, and John has been coming with Johanna for a mere quarter century (25 years doesn’t count for much on MDI).  Our house is at the end of Main Street and, like many others, we have dreamed about what we might do to help rejuvenate NEH in the wake of the 2008 fires.

What role does RTP hope to play in NEH?

We hope that our energy and optimism, embodied in the new businesses and people who will inhabit these lots, will catalyze the rebuilding of Main Street and the revitalization of NEH.  Though some may feel otherwise, we see the glass as most definitely half full!

How can I get involved?

There are many ways to get involved:

  • We are currently seeking proposals from year round MDI residents interested in operating innovative businesses on Main Street in NEH.
  • We are currently seeking partners interested in developing housing with us.  We believe housing quality, year-round housing is key to revitalizing Main Street.
  • If you would like to get involved, please contact John Boynton directly at jb@123neh.com

Who took the photos on this site?

All the photos are from Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons. With thanks to bumeister1el_ramon, dhawkins, and gods-art.

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